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Professional drummer, percussionist, educator, and clinician.  Here you will find all you need to know about Shawn, as well as studying with Shawn in person, or now from the comfort of your own home using SKYPE.


Shawn teaches right out of his studio based in Southern Maine,USA for local students


Shawn is the only teacher that uses high definition multiple camera angles, and studio quality audio for each Skype lesson


Private Lessons: $25/ half hour session

Skype Lessons: $30/ half hour and $55/ hour session

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  • Introduction to DLFH
    Introduction to DLFH

    Thank you for clicking onto my first blog. My house as a kid had drums, pianos, and guitars the same way some families have soccer balls and baseball mitts; there was always music in my house.

    Introduction to DLFM 
  • Quotes to Inspire
    Quotes to Inspire

    "Playing fast around the drums is one thing. But to play music, to play with people for others to listen to, that's something else. Thats a whole other world." Tony Williams

  • Quotes to Inspire
    Quotes to Inspire

    When people first try to improvise, they sometimes make the mistake of playing too much, or being too busy. They don't leave space, or air in the music. Think about having a conversation with someone who speaks like that. Space gives the words you say more meaning. Let the music breathe. Leave space...

  • Start Taking Drum Lessons From Home
    Start Taking Drum Lessons From Home

    Shawn is the only teacher that uses high definition multiple camera angles, and studio quality audio for each Skype lesson.

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Our son Josh has been taking drum lessons from Shawn for almost 6 years now. It’s been really great to see how much Josh has improved since he started his lessons. Shawn has been able to keep Josh’s interest high and inspires him to work hard. We are always impressed to see how committed Shawn is to his students. Shawn’s professionalism is shown by his punctuality and productive use of lesson time. Josh always leaves his lesson feeling challenged. We feel Shawn takes pride in making sure Josh always completes his assignments and holds him to a high standard of learning. Shawn has been a great teacher and we would highly recommend him!

Missy and Jason Chadbourne


I’ve had a lifelong dream of playing the drums but had never sat down at a drum kit before I started taking lessons with Shawn.  Fortunately for me, Shawn’s talent as a musician and teacher is exceptional.  His commitment to teaching the fundamentals of technique and theory has given me a strong base from which to grow, all while learning songs that I enjoy, which has built my confidence.  He’s an experienced guide when  I’m trying something new, making it fun along the way.  Best of all, Shawn has shared a belief in my dream.  Thanks to him, it has come true!

Susan Richardson