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Hello everyone, thank you for clicking onto my first blog for

What I chose to blog about for my first entry is my motivation for creating this website.

I come from a long line of musicians on both sides of my family. My house as a kid had drums, pianos, and guitars the same way some families have soccer balls and baseball mitts; there was always music in my house. Both of my parents were active musicians that went too far lengths to keep sharp on their instruments.

Back in the 1960’s when my father was a teenager, southern Maine USA did not have a lot when it came to music stores, learning material, or private lessons. Someone was very hard pressed to find a quality teacher in their local area.

My father would spend a full 8 hours on a Saturday once a month going to a drum lesson in Boston, about 90 miles away. He would get on a bus that would take him close to the city, and have to change busses 2 more times, then walk a few miles to the home of his private teacher. That’s dedication. That’s determination.

Since then, southern Maine has improved on what is available for aspiring musicians. There are local music shops, good quality private teachers, and playing opportunities. But, not everyone in the world has access to such amenities because of their location, until now.

My goal with this website is to give any student, from anywhere in the world, access to a quality weekly drum lesson from a teacher with knowledge who studied at a world class music school, and the experience to share.

I know there are thousands, if not more people around this world that are in the same situation as my father was; having the drive, the passion, but not the amenities.

Anyway, if you are one of these people, or just want a quality drum lesson from the comfort of your own home, then email me. Even though we could be a world away, it’ll feel like the lesson is right down the street.

Thank you everyone. Let’s do this again soon…..


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  • Todd Glacy April 29, 2016 at 9:32 am / Reply

    Hi Shawn, Congratulations on creating Having played with both you and your dad, (and being a Berklee grad myself) I know the level of dedication, skill and professionalism you are able to share with your students is a wonderful gift that will help aspiring drummers all over the world achieve their drumming/musical goals.

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