Shawn drumming

Drum kit

He will focus on developing a drum set vocabulary using different rhythms, styles of music, grooves, timekeeping, hand/foot exercises, odd time signatures, poly-rhythms and creativity.


He will help the student study songs in various styles from the view of a drummer – including online videos, audio clips, charts, explanations of groove and fills.


He will talk about any concept, or curiosity of what the student wishes to learn on anything from rhythms, styles of music, to snare solos, actual songs and play alongs on the drum kit, soloing and studio techniques, to double bass drumming, and everything in between.


He will help the student develop proper hand and foot technique through basic rudiments and stickings both on the snare, bass drum, and applications around the kit. Proper technique facilitates advancement on the instrument, as well as preventing injury. Initially proper technique can seem frustrating, however it is crucial to obtain in order to build a foundation.

Reading Notation and Theory

Music is notated in a manner so everyone will understand what the composer intended.  As a trained musician, it is important to Shawn that his students are capable readers.  Being able to read music will open doors in the future (think of how many more people you can play with!)


It is Shawn’s job to teach effective practicing.  It is the student’s job to practice.  While the number of hours the student spends practicing does matter, it is of less importance than good practicing.  More hours only means more progress if the student is aiming for perfection.  It is not acceptable to simply “run through” assignments.  Remember, everything given to the student was assigned because it focuses on at least one issue.  “Running through it” without mental focus actually does more harm than good.


Come prepared to the lesson: have all music, notebooks, CDs, and equipment needed to have a successful lesson.