Shawn is the only teacher that uses HIGH DEFINITION MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES, AND STUDIO QUALITY AUDIO for each Skype lesson.

SKYPE is a free video chat program that we will use for lessons.  Along with using SKYPE, you will need the following equipment.

1) An Internet Connection (A high-speed internet connection – either cable or DSL; dial-up is too slow)

2) A Headset with a microphone.

3) A Webcam, either built in to the computer, or connected to the computer.

4) Download Skype (Free). Here is a link:


Feet Camera Angle    Full kit overhead camera angle   Headshot Camera Angle    Over Shoulder Camera Angle


Lesson Scheduling

All lessons will be conducted during eastern standard time.  Please contact Shawn to check for an available weekly lesson time.

There will be a “virtual notebook” for Shawn to write notes, pointers, and concepts for the student to practice each week.



Please plan on being at your computer and logged into SKYPE 5 minutes before the lesson begins, that way if something comes up, you’ll most likely be on time.  He will then contact you, once he is ready to start the lesson.